Make the perfect cup of coffee at home

You don’t have to settle for low quality and bitter coffee. Never support unethical coffee practices.

Introducing 803 Outpost Coffee! 100% Premium Arabica beans from small family and Co-op owned farmers. Roasted to perfection in -house using true small batch techniques. Ensuring you achieve the perfect flavor and body in every cup.

Bags of Fresh Roasted Coffee
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803 Outpost Coffee Gives You:

✅  Robust Flavors and Smooth Body - Farming practices, drying   methods, and roasting profiles make all the difference in the taste.

✅  Never Drink Bitter or Weak Body Again - Retail coffee is so often over roasted, bitter, and bland. You are losing all the flavor.

✅  Stop paying $4 a cup for average coffee - With our unique roasting  profiles and small batch technique you can make a coffee with bold flavors and smooth body at home.


✅  Amazing coffee comes from healthy ecosystems and soil - In a business world that accepts deforestation, soil destruction, and forced labor practices for higher profits and low quality coffee, make the right choice. Support fair trade, sustainable farming, and premium coffee.