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Coffee can be a truly amazing beverage when it is done correctly. 

That is where 803 Outpost Coffee comes in.  Every stage of the coffee cycle is done the right way.  We started by choosing small family farmers that care as much about the coffee as we do.  These farmers must be eco friendly and use all natural picking and drying technics.  After all you can destroy a bean all the way back in the drying stage if not done right.

From here our beans are imported into South Carolina and delivered directly to us.  Our roasting team take it from here.  The amazing flavors and aromas you are reading about in our reviews is because of all the time, effort, and skill our roaster Jacob has.  Check out the about us page to read about his immense roasting and science background.  Educated roasting technics give you the amazing flavor, full bodied, and smooth taste in every glass. Never drink bland, over roasted, or bitter coffee again.





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